Strengthening the beliefs and values of our English Heritage in Australia

Royal Society of St George - AUSTRALIA


Brisbane Branch
Postal Address: 
The Secretary
Brisbane Branch
PO Box 543
The Brisbane Branch was founded in 1905 and it played a major role in both World Wars in providing food parcels for overseas troops. It was prominent in the New Settlers League from the early 1930’s to the 1960’s.

Brisbane Branch North.
Mr Daniel Burns
Postal Address: 
Mr Daniel Burns
PO Box 77
Warwick 4370

I am in the early stages of establishing a new and vibrant branch of the Society in Brisbane.  Are you interested in becoming a member?  The Society is unsectarian and independent of party politics.  In Australia our aim is to strengthen the beliefs and values of our English Heritage and spreading the knowledge of our histories, traditions and ideals.

Please complete this form and forward it to:

Mr Daniel Burns
Brisbane Branch North

Having read and acknowledged the Objects and Aims of the Royal Society of
St. George in Queensland, I/We wish to apply for membership.

Fee: $20.00 per person

By submitting this form I declare that I have read, understood and agree with
the principles and terms of the Society and agree to further its Objects as set
out in the Royal Charter and this website