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Royal Society of St George - AUSTRALIA


The Royal Society of St George

St Georges Day – April 23
Activities and Events

Each branch holds various functions and meetings throughout the year which is decided upon by the members. To know what activities are planned, visit the various Branch sites and view their agenda.

Certain events recognise and publicise the significance of England’s special days. Others are enjoyable social occasions.

The major function each year is an annual luncheon or dinner held around or on the 23rd of April to celebrate England’s National Day – St George’s Day.

Other important occasions commemorated by a luncheon or dinner (not necessarily by all branches) are:

  • The Battle of Waterloo – around the 18th of June
  • The Battle of Trafalgar – around the 21st of October
  • The Battle of Britain – in September

Other events celebrated have been:

  • Commonwealth Day – Second Monday in March
  • Flag Day – 3rd of September

Most branches hold an annual Christmas Party.