Strengthening the beliefs and values of our English Heritage in Australia

Royal Society of St George - AUSTRALIA

Australia Branch

The tyranny of distance in Australia does not make it feasible for many people to join a local branch.  An initiative of the State Council of the Royal society of St George in Queensland was to form a sub-branch called the Australia Branch, which is overseen and is part of the Toowoomba Branch.

The Australia Branch objects are:

  • Provide people Australia wide where no branches exist to join and if they desire encourage others in their area to join.
  • Encourage members to celebrate St George’s day and other momentous events in England’s history.
  • Produce a newsletter to keep contact.
  • Encourage interaction via our face book page and through this website.

We are a strictly non-racial, non-sectarian and non-party political organisation.  The Society stands for respect for the Monarchy, duty to our Sovereign and our Country and the cause of England and Englishness.

If you support the aims and objectives of the Society, we welcome you to become a member of this proud and distinguished Society.

Membership Cost:  $ 20.00 per person per annum
Joining Fee:            $15.00 (includes badge)

Bank Account Details:  
Account Name: The Royal Society of St George – Toowoomba Branch
BSB: 064 433
Account No: 00800423

Please complete this form and forward it to:

The Secretary
Australia Branch
PO Box 77

Having read and acknowledged the Objects and Aims of the Royal Society of
St. George in Queensland, I/We wish to apply for membership.

Fee: $20.00 per person

By submitting this form I declare that I have read, understood and agree with
the principles and terms of the Society and agree to further its Objects as set
out in the Royal Charter and this website