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Royal Society of St George - AUSTRALIA

Gold Coast

Gold Coast Branch
Mr Graham Rumble

Mr John Robinson

Mr Ian McCulloch

Mr Kevin Smith

A Short History of the Gold Coast Branch of the Royal Society of St George.

The Gold Coast Branch of the Royal Society of St George was established on the 25th February, 2012 after receiving approval from the State Council to form a branch.  Ours is a vibrant branch with our membership being in the main English and British ex-pats keen to keep alive our English Heritage.  We welcome you to attend our events which are held at various venues on the Gold Coast.

Please complete this form and forward it to:

Mr Graham Rumble
Unit 1/31 Dandenong Terrace
Robina 4226

Having read and acknowledged the Objects and Aims of the Royal Society of
St. George in Queensland, I/We wish to apply for membership.

Fee: $20.00 per person

By submitting this form I declare that I have read, understood and agree with
the principles and terms of the Society and agree to further its Objects as set
out in the Royal Charter and this website